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    Find Your new affinities with the areas and the people visiting them

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    SocializeYour ads without any limits. All kinds of social and business contacts …through affinities!

A web & mobile channel that is connected to life

Discover your new affinities with the areas and the people visiting them.

Social and business contacts, offers at the right time for you, the power to announce yourself without any limits, and the absolute control of your information. Finding, sharing and socializing has never been so easy …through your affinities!



• Your own web & mobile Affinity application, free and coming with commercial tools that are already connected. To save money, power up your sales and provide smart services. Pay only for a communication bundle.
• Your directory page by affinities to be found in an easier and smarter way on the map
• Your connected event with our interactive coverage onsite, on the web and on mobile.
• Your interactive visibility through the form of Web & mobile advertising placement